Sony BDP-S2100 Blu-ray Disc / DVD Player with Wi-Fi by Sony

Sony BDP-S2100 Blu-ray Disc / DVD Player with Wi-Fi by SonyDescription

Blu-ray Disc / DVD Player
Sony Internet Audio & Video Equipment.
BDP_S2100 Wireless Lan Built-in
Full HD 1080P.


  • Premium design and super Wi-Fi to enhance your streaming experience
  • 100+ streaming apps: Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, and more
  • Full HD 1080p Blu-ray Disc playback and DVD upscaling
  • Control and browse from mobile devices with TV SideView
  • Wirless LAN Built-in, Sony Make-Believe

Details & Price

This product was manufactured by Sony.

Brand: Sony
UPC: 027242871007
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Sony BDP-S2100 Blu-ray Disc / DVD Player with Wi-Fi by Sony

3 Responses to Sony BDP-S2100 Blu-ray Disc / DVD Player with Wi-Fi by Sony

  • James Lister says:

    Does everything my Roku does plus you can get youtube on it surf the web. I don’t have a smart TV but this has everything that a smart tv would have.
    The only ting you need to do is get the right cable for it I had 2 old cables for HDMI they didn’t work and I was gooing crazy think it was not hooked up correct. But I found another cable I had for HDMI and it worked fine.
    You might want to be close to where your server is to get a quicker responce the unit I have is the other end of the trailer abouth 30 ft away from the server. a 2.5 mbps is what you need min. if you have a 10Mbps even better we have wireless and its only 768 kbps and we are running 3 tv’s 2 with ROKU’s and surfing the web also so at times it slows down.

  • Kevin Thomasson says:

    Bought this at WalMart for $48 and love it. It does come with instructions and the wireless is integrated. Very easy to install as well. Just hook up a HDMI cable to the TV, plug it in and you’re off to the races. Make sure you run the update to the software at installation. You can do this via the player. After to update it you will find that it does support Amazon Prime Instant videos. It also has a ton of other apps loaded. Definetly more than what is listed on the box.
    I own a Roku 2 as well. This is a little slow but its been stable. I haven’t tried the bluray yet so I’ll update the review later on that.

  • Chuck Gray says:

    What a hunk of CRAP! This is my second one. Neither of them worked. NO INSTRUCTIONS. No way to set up. NO WIRELESS unless you buy the wireless widget seperately.

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